Clients’ Feedback

I wrote the best vocabulary test out of the class!

Because of my tutoring, I am now much more active in class and get better grades. Without the tutoring I would still have been stuck with the old, bad grades. Wrote the best vocabulary test out of the class today, thanks to tutoring!
Thank you so much!


I am very satisfied!

I have been using the services of the Lernparadies team for some time now (months, years…) and I am very satisfied. My sons have effectively improved their grades in various subjects. In addition, they have learned a lot and it is easier for them to learn through the tutoring.
The director, Mrs. Krüger, is a very competent, friendly and reliable woman who has always supported me.
The hired students are very friendly and work very carefully. Especially Yasmin Reber was a very big help for my sons in the subject German. I am grateful and happy about the cooperation and would like to use the services again in the next school year.

Mother of Alexander Z.

I have improved a lot!

In math, I mastered the subject of subtracting and adding negative numbers and positive numbers very well after one lesson.

I have improved a lot because all teachers are very good and also very sympathetic.

I can only recommend this tutoring!

Thank you for everything!

Karrar, 7th grade

Math is now my favorite subject

The LEARNING PARADISE has helped me a lot. Especially in math. I am very happy that I met Mr. Janisch. Because of Mr. Janisch math is my favorite subject now.

And I also thank Mr. Vandré for helping me so well in English.


My grades have totally improved!

I had 4 other tutors before I found LERNPARADIES DÜSSELDORF. This is the best tutoring I have ever had! I had already had difficulties in maths since the 7th grade, now I am in the 9th grade. Thank you Mr. Manfred Janisch, you have really helped me a lot. My maths grade has improved from a 5 to a 2.

I can definitely recommend the LERNPARADIES DÜSSELDORF!

Thank you very much for everything!

Remi, 9th grade

I have improved a lot with the tutoring at LERNPARADIES

With Mr. Manfred Janisch, my grades have improved very well and I have become one of the best students!

Mr. Janisch can explain maths very well and with him it is a lot of fun!


Learning is fun again

In elementary school I was very bad. I did not enjoy learning at all. Thanks to Mrs. Krügers Learning Paradise I got to know effective ways how learning is fun : )


Osana, Lernparadies Düsseldorf

I can ask you anytime, that is beautiful!

Hello Truci,
my name is Jan and I am 11 years old.
Since you support me, I have become faster in math.
In English I have improved a lot and in French I am doing quite well.
Learning with you is not only buffalo without end, but also learning – with fun and games – how to speak the languages freely.
I can ask you anytime.
That is beautiful!
It is nice that you are here!
Thank you very much,

Jan E., Lernparadies Düsseldorf

In the first math test I managed to get a 1+.

Mr. Janisch helped me a lot with my preparation for my math work. He answered all my questions very well and explained the exercises very well. Even if you didn’t understand something, he managed to solve the exercises with me by means of an example. In the first math test I managed to get a 1+.

I would still recommend Mr. Janisch to you.
With kind regards,
Eduard Stroh

Eduard, Schüler im Lernparadies Düsseldorf

There is a friendly atmosphere in Lernparadies-Düsseldorf

Hello, everybody,
I took the privat lessons in Lernparadies-Düsseldorf for one and a half years and I was always very satisfied.
I have been successfully supported in my preparation for my high school finals.
In Lernparadies-Düsseldorf there is a friendly atmosphere, which results in the increasing motivation of the student.
In addition, the teachers are individually tailored to the needs of each individual. One can express oneself quite openly if one wants to change the teacher for certain reasons. The teachers are very friendly, competent and flexible. They always offer help an advice to the students.
I warmly recommend you Lernparadise Düsseldorf.

Joanna, Schülerin im Lernparadies Düsseldorf

Without tutoring in the learning paradise, math in 10th grade would have been a torture

In the 10th grade mathematics became more and more complicated and I had difficulties to do my homework alone at home.
Luckily I got regular 90-minute tutoring per week in Lernparadies-Düsseldorf and little by little I understood more and more.
Yesterday I got my class test back – a 2 : )
I feel very well prepared for my last test at the end of May.
Many thanks to Mr. Janisch, who always explained EVERYTHING to me very well and is also very patient! I could always ask him something about topics from the 9th class, because sometimes I didn’t have the “old” stuff in my head anymore.
Without him math would have been a torture in the last year.

Marko, Düsseldorf, 10. Klasse

Marko, Schüler im Lernparadies Düsseldorf

Now I enjoy learning again!

I am so happy having found this individual type of private tutoring!

Due to the constant tutoring I was able to improve my marks in every main subject! In addition I worked over some missed as well.
Now I enjoy learning again!


Jonas, Schüler im Lernparadies Düsseldorf

Anytime I Can Ask You Something, That’s Great

my name is Juli and I am 9 years old Since you support me, things are going better in German and math!
Learning with you is much easier and fun! Most of the time there are also games.

Juli B. aus Düsseldorf

Juli, Schülerin im Lernparadies Düsseldorf

Passed the exam!

Dear Mrs. Krüger,

I passed my exam! Thanks for your help!
Yours Khady 🙂

Khady, Schülerin im Lernparadies Düsseldorf

I think it’s very worthwhile…

Mrs. Krüger has been helping me every week for over a year for 90 minutes in German, Latin and English. Sometimes, before I write a paper, I have tutoring with her two or three times, so I am sure that I have learned and understood everything.
She always gives me tips and has always helped me so that I understand everything. I think that it is very worthwhile to have lessons with her and I would like to continue having lessons with her.

Say Nguyen

Say, Schüler im Lernparadies Düsseldorf

Dear Mrs. Krüger,

I could improve a lot with your help, you are very nice and I always have fun with you!


Zaklina, Schülerin im Lernparadies Düsseldorf

In only a few months our daughter has improved enormously : )

Dear Mrs. Krüger,

we would like to thank you very much for your very successful tutoring.
Our daughter Elisabeth hardly spoke any German until the end of 2016. This changed from the time when the tutoring in Lernparadies began. From tutoring hour to tutoring hour she enjoyed the German language more and more and became more courageous and confident. Her teacher at school also noticed her noticeable improvement. Elisabeth will attend a grammar school after the summer vacations 2017 and we are now very confident that she will do well there!

(Elisabeth, June 2017, 4th grade)

Elisabeth, Schülerin im Lernparadies Düsseldorf

Now I enjoy German classes

A year ago I had a four in German classes and didn’t enjoy it at all. Then I regularly received private tutoring by Misses Krüger and started to improve myself.

This term I finished twice with the best mark (1)!

Now German classes are fun for me …


Marko, Schüler im Lernparadies Düsseldorf

In the 6th grade I even became best in class!

Since I have been getting regular tutoring every week, my overall grades have improved many times over.

In the 6th grade I even became best in class!

Thanks a lot!


Takin, Schüler im Lernparadies Düsseldorf

Dear Mrs. Krüger,

last year I started with your private lessons and now it is easier for me in school. I am happy that you learn with me forever.

Yours Njegos

Njegos, Schüler im Lernparadies Düsseldorf