May I introduce you to
Lernparadies Düsseldorf

Here you can receive an impression of our qualified teachers. Enjoy your lookout and contact us for any questions and needs.

For our team is consequently growing we can ensure that every pupil gains a perfect tutor and improves as fast as possible in the certain subjects.

Simay Akyol


My name is Simay Akyol and I study business administration at Heinrich Heine University.

Already during my school years I have given 2 years of tutoring in German, English and math.

Imparting knowledge has always given me great pleasure.

It is important to me that the students discover their own strengths in the individual subjects with my help and thus improve so that they can finally solve their tasks independently.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Kerstin Dahmen

I like to help students in German, math and English to discover the joy of reading, writing and arithmetic.

Even during my university studies, I enjoyed imparting knowledge as a tutor. As a mother, I have accompanied the different stages of my children and can therefore put myself well in the situation of the students.

I am happy when I can help students to get ahead. An important step is for them to realize that they can achieve their goals and what is necessary for them to do so.

When they can then independently and confidently apply and demonstrate what they have learned, it is a particularly valuable and enjoyable experience for everyone, and one that they will not want to miss.

Daniel Heise

I’ve always taken great pleasure in imparting my knowledge to people. During my studies towards a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in Heidelberg I used to help my fellow students in many topics. Since then, I have amassed over 4 years of focused tutoring experience and accompanied numerous students on their successful way to the Abitur.

My goal is not just to teach you how to solve the specific problem at hand, but to make you understand the various topics on a more fundamental and intuitive level, and to ultimately make you excited for Mathematics. In order to achieve this, I visualize things and give real world examples.

My main field of interest is of course Maths, but I also like to tutor in English and Music.

Wibke Geurts, unterrichtet im Lernparadies Düsseldorf

Wibke Geurts


I am Wibke and I study Law at the HHU. I love teaching, because I enjoy it, when I can convey joy in the subjects I am teaching. During my school years I taught for several years and I worked with students of many different ages. It is especially important to me to teach the students that they can succeed even in subjects that are harder for them. I teach German and English.

Ahmed Hajjar

my name is Ahmed and I’m currently studying Chemistry beside of environmental technology and resource management( UTRM ) at Ruhr University of Bochum. 
During my study I used to help my fellow students in mathematical and chemical issues. So I felt great to see their reaction get excited and their understanding become better.
That’s why I decided to be helpful to other students and support them to acheive their goals.
I speak 6 languages (Arabic, German, English, French, Turkish and Japanese)  which is a very good opportunity to teach students one of these languages.
Learning and studying in a different language is not complicated like we used to think, but it makes us more qualified and we can expand our horizon.
So let us make learning easier for children and adolescents, when they develop deeper interest for a subject.

Leonie Kroczeck

Hey there,
my name is Leonie. I’m an 18 years old med student in Düsseldorf.

During my time in school I developed an affinity for languages, especially English. I always liked to write stories and read a lot.

Additionally biology and other scientific subjects were always right up my ally.

Hopefully I’ll be able to not only teach the students how to do well in certain subjects but also show them that if you put in enough effort and
motivation you are able to reach your goals, even in subjects that may not be your strong suit.

Arjun Baheerathan

my name is Arjun Baheerathan, I am 22 years old and I am studying Electrical and Information Technology at the University of Düsseldorf.

As a dedicated tutor, my strengths lie in the natural sciences and mathematics. With my patience and experience in explaining complex concepts in an understandable way, I aim to help your child reach their full potential in these subjects. As a reliable and responsible individual, I am available to serve as a tutor.

In addition to my passion for teaching, I am also socially engaged, albeit without being intrusive.

Aisa Camara


my name is Aisa Camara and I am 20 years old. I study teaching at comprehensive schools and grammar schools with the subjects History and French at the University of Cologne.

Languages have always been my passion and have given me a lot of joy at school. I also hope, with my enthusiasm, to be able to infect and motivate you in a creative and fun way.

I want to help you reach your goals successfully by supporting you with positive energy and determination so you may confidently and proudly look into your future.

I look forward to seeing you!

Mohamed Algia


I’m Mohamed and I’m 21 years old.

I am currently studying computer science at the Technical University of Dortmund. 

I speak Arabic, French, English and German. I graduated from high school with a major in Mathematics and I love to teach languages.

It has always given me great pleasure to pass on my knowledge to children big and small and make it easier for them to understand the basics . I can also help with math and help students developing their reasoning to make it as easy as possible for them to achieve their purpose.

I look forward to meeting you.

Aya Hosni

Hello, everyone!
My name is Aya Hosni, I’m 20 years old and I’m currently studying at the University of Duisburg-Essen.
I graduated from high school with a major in mathematics, so I’m interested in scientific subjects, especially mathematics.
I also have language skills such as Arabic, which is my mother tongue, German, French and of course English. I love knowledge and science that’s why I would like to pass on my enthusiasm to others, but also to share my knowledge with children and young people.
In fact, I feel very happy when I help students. And it is my pleasure to have this opportunity to teach and support them.
I am very motivated and excited to have this experience.
I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Jannik Vandré

my name is Jannik and I’m currently studying media and culture studies at the HHU. I have a bachelor degree in English and German and gave tutorials at Bielefeld university the last couple of years.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and helping you get through this tough and challenging school year.

Laura Rodrigues


my name is Laura Rodrigues, I am a 24-year-old medical student at Heinrich-Heine-Universität in Düsseldorf.

I give tutoring lessons in both English and French, though I am happy to answer questions regarding other subject areas such as Latin and mathematics. Having grown up multilingual, I really enjoy languages and I try to convey this passion to my tutees.

My goal is to support students in achieving their academic goals whilst maybe even helping them find new interest and joy in the subject at hand.

I´m looking forward to meeting you!

Rim Maaoued

my name is Rim Maaoued, I was born in Tunisia. My profession is chemical and process engineer. I speak Arabic, French, English as well as German. I love languages and would love to share my knowledge of them with young and older children. Additionally, I can help in math and chemistry.

I had already helped my brothers, my cousins and children of my neighbor in different subjects. Of course, I bring these experiences to my tutoring.

I am very communicative and like to deal with children. It is also important to me that my tutoring students feel comfortable with me and have fun while learning. Success is the common purpose that we will achieve together.

Marcel Döhren


I’m Marcel and I’m currently studying law at the HHU.

During my time at school, I have already tutored, especially in Latin and German. However, I am also happy to answer questions about other subjects.

It brings me joy to facilitate an understanding of the topics through joint learning and thus enable better performance at school.

I’m looking forward to meet you!

Zara Kohl

Hello everybody 🙂

My name is Zara and I’m 20 years old.

I’m currently studying English and German at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf.

I give tutoring especially in English, German and mathematics. Presence or online.

I always enjoyed working with children or teenagers and think that working with you individually, instead of sitting in a packed classroom, can make all the difference. 

I’m looking forward to meeting you and studying together. 

Andre Feddrich

André Feddrich

My name is André and I am studying History at Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf. I like giving tutorials because I consider it very great and enriching to share my knowledge. I feel happy when I can make learning easier for children and adolescents and moreover, when they develop deeper interest for a subject.

Ruqaia Al-Shamma

my name is Ruqaia, I’m from Oman and I’m studying medicine at Heinrich Heine University. I like languages very much! I can speak Arabic, English, German and Turkish.
I enjoy tutoring students, I have always helped my siblings with their studies and since my mother is a teacher I had the opportunity to recognize different learning methods . I can help the students in Math, English and German.

Fatma Al-Shamma

Hello, here is Fatima Al-Shamma from Oman. I’m studying abroad in Germany since 3 years . I’m currently studying pharmacy at Heinrich Heine University (HHU). I understand the difficulties and struggles that school students may face in school subjects, especially in English and mathematics, actually, indeed, I myself faced them in my early years in school, but because of a good teacher and a good method in teaching, the person can overcome all these difficulties and also begin to enjoy learning the subject. I have small amount of experience in teaching , that I had the opportunity to tutor my neighbors kids and some of my friends, in addition my mother is a really passionate and teacher, so I was lucky to have the chance to acknowledge some of the useful teaching methods . And I’m here to help you with mathematics and English ,also if you are a beginner in German , I will be ready to help you. At the end if you have any questions, I’m happy to answer all of them .

Sophia Samson

My name is Sophia, I am 22 years old and I study biology at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf.
I give private lessons in math, German and biology. After my A-levels I did a voluntary year as an
integration assistant in an elementary school gaining many experiences, e.g. how-to best support
children and adolescents with different learning backgrounds. I am especially happy when my teaching
has a lasting impact and builds up an increasing understanding and a real interest in the subject.

Masoud Dayaghi

Thanks to two bachelor degrees in engineering, I have a very broad and deep knowledge in mathematics and physics. In addition, my studies in English have helped me to deepen my English skills. Since my high school days, I have been teaching other students. In fact, not only was I able to learn a lot myself through teaching, but it was also a great pleasure for me to see other people learn new things..